L’Oréal Triple Active Moisturiser


My usual go to face product is L’Oréal face serum but when I took a look at their triple active day moisturiser, I thought that maybe this would be a better deal. After all, it does promise to hydrate, protect and illuminate. That means one product that gives me dewy, glowy skin while protecting my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This seemed like a winner for sure.

My serum worked great but the major problem I had with it was that it didn’t offer any level of sun protection. Adding sunscreen to my beauty regime was also a bit trick because most products tend to block my pores, adding to the problems I have taming this T-zone skin of mine. L’Oréal’s triple active moisturiser therefore seemed to be the answer to my problems.

The product goes on smoothly enough. It’s not too thick or greasy and it does smell great. I bought the jar labelled ‘normal to combination skin’ but I was disappointed that it didn’t do a very good job of limiting the shine that tends to appear on my nose. What’s worse is that about a week later, I started to get zits!! The moisturiser was obviously blocking my pores and so I discontinued use.

I have retained it as my neck moisturiser as this area is less sensitive and could do with sun protection. L’Oréal triple active day moisturiser is a great product but unfortunately just not for me.


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