The shaggy dog show

The weather didn’t seem like it was up to cooperating but my kids and I were still determined to make it to the shaggy dog show. Swaddled in sweaters, we made our way to the Racecourse where the event was being held. On arriving there, I was surprised to find the parking lot full of cars! Clearly we weren’t the only ones eager to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon supporting a good cause.

Each year, Kenya Society for the Protection & Care of Animals (KSPCA), holds the shaggy dog show, an annual fundraising event. The money raised goes towards their work of looking after pets and animals in need. The list isn’t limited to just household pets like cats and dogs but also includes donkeys and goats too! (Welcome to Africa).

The show isn’t so much about the best groomed dog, the best trained or the one with the cutest tricks. Unlike international dog shows, the shaggy dog show is a laidback affair with categories like best dressed dog and the happiest dog. It’s basically a chance for dog lovers to bring their families out for a fun day while safeguarding the welfare of animals.


For the most part, the dogs that were in attendance were well behaved but just like kids, when they got around other dogs they couldn’t help but get excited and a bit hyperactive. There was lots of barking, sniffing and wagging of tails. The dog that impressed me the most however was this huge, brown St. Bernard. His owner says that he weighs about 70kgs (154 lbs) at only three months of age!

My son ran all over the place patting one dog after another. He is more determined than ever to get a puppy and he has promised me that he is ready to clean up after it…whatever it takes to get a ‘yes’ out of me. This was my first time to attend the event and in spite of the lousy weather, I still had a great time.



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