Nailed it! Incoco nail polish applique review

Although I appreciate the results, I am so not a fan of the salon. Every visit takes way too long and when I am getting my nails done, I can’t even flip through a magazine like I would do if they were working on my hair! Sigh. Therefore, to minimize on the frequency of my visits, I had resorted to gel manicures because they usually last me about 3 weeks. That’s 3 blissful weeks when I don’t have to worry about chipped nail polish. What more could a girl ask for!?

There are however some issues that I have with the oh so wonderful gel manicure. The UV light curing process seems like a clarion call for skin cancer and I have to go to the salon to get the polish removed. So what to do?

Passing through the mall one day, I stopped at a nail kiosk to enquire about their Incoco nail stripes. I had always given the stall a wide berth because I couldn’t imagine sitting in the middle of the mall getting my nails done. My desperation however changed all that. The lady manning the counter informed me that the nail strips are made of 100% real nail polish and last an average of three weeks.


I was sceptical of her claims because really, how long can nail stickers last and how is it possible for nail polish to be non-liquid? But like I said….desperation. Plus the nail art is pretty amazing. I chose the design that I wanted and braced myself for the stares that would follow from passers-by as I got my nails done. Lucky for me though, Incoco has a booth in one of the salons at the mall and I didn’t have to get anything done out in public! Yay!

The manicurist laid on strip by strip, being careful to match the designs on my right hand with those on my left. Ten minutes later I was done! No drying time, no fuss and beautiful nail art on all my fingernails. I love it! It also cost me half what it would have to get a gel polish application. Three weeks later, the strips are still hanging in there but it’s time for me to go in for a new set as a result of nail growth. Incoco have definitely earned themselves a new convert. I am completely sold on their new nail polish innovation.


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