Coke Studio Africa

A few Sundays ago, I was invited for the viewing of Coke Studio Africa season 5. I have to admit that I had never actually watched Coke Studio. All I knew about it was that it was some sort of mash-up of artist’s songs and every once in a while, international stars like Trey Songs graced our country with their presence because of the show. I was therefore looking forward to view it for the first time at a flashy event, in full colour.

The event was being held at Kiza Lounge and when I walked out of the elevator, there were photographers at the ready, snapping shots of invited guests. We got our wrist bands and were ushered in to the viewing area. Everything had been done up splendidly in the red colours of Coca Cola. Drinks flowed but I held back from going ham because I didn’t want to get trashed at what for me was a networking event (the irony of free drinks right? They are usually served at events where getting falling-down drunk is so not acceptable)


After about an hour, Nyashinski walked in and the show began. The whole premise is for artists from different genres and countries across Africa to perform each others songs. Tonight’s pairing was between the Kenyan rapper Nyashinski and the South African duo Mafikizolo. Not only did they perform each others songs but they collaborated on a brand new one. The performances were way better than anything I had anticipated and they each did such a great job of seamlessly stepping into a different genre! If this was a competition however, Nyashinksi would have won because he absolutely crashed Mafikizolo’s Khona. I am of coursed super biased because I am such a fan of his music. It was a great show that had us on our feet, celebrating the talent before us.

Coke Studio Africa airs in over 30 countries in Africa, introducing various artists and the cultures that they represent to millions of viewers across the continent. This not only promotes African artists but it also creates a togetherness as viewers get a peek into what is happening in different parts of this great continent. Other than the main artists, there is a whole orchestra of musicians who support them by playing the drums, sax, keyboard etc. Producers are also brought in to work on the collaboration, hence bringing together a whole host of artists who are getting to know each other. I think it is such a wonderful idea and a great project for Coca Cola to undertake.



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