Circle Art Gallery

A few days ago I paid a visit to Circle Art Gallery as part of a work project. As much as I appreciate a good painting, I have never quite understood how a piece of art can sell for millions of dollars. That must mean that it has value right? But how is that value determined and who decides what it is worth?

After walking around the exhibition hall and having a long talk with Danda, the very accommodating founder of the gallery, I came to appreciate a few things. Danda explained to me that creativity is a very important part of everyone’s life and being surrounded by it greatly adds value to our lives. She also told me the importance of collecting ones culture and heritage. More than that, artists are the first ones to tell us about what is going on in our society. Another important lesson that she taught me was that as a creative, I have to learn to value my work and never sell myself short.


young guns exhibition
Circle Art Gallery: Young Guns Exhibition


I have come to believe that the art acts a doorway to our inner beings, allowing us as to reflect and evaluate our values and belief systems. Art, be it a painting, music or theatre, connects with something deep within us, allowing us to balance all the different aspects of who we are…mind, soul and spirit.



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