Black Opium: Perfume Review

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent, perfume review

I kick myself whenever I walk out of the house without spraying on some perfume. It’s usually the last thing that I put on before I walk out the door so if I happen to be in a hurry, then my bottle is left lonely and unattended to on the dresser. Like my hairstyles, the scent I wear from day to day is constantly changing meaning that I have been the proud owner of countless bottles of perfume. I am not into floral scents. I instead lean towards strong, spicy scents that I can catch hints of throughout the day and linger when I walk out the room.

Unfortunately for me however, the perfume I am currently using (Her Secret by Antonio Banderas) smells great but fades way to quickly for my liking. By the time I am getting back home, there is hardly a trace of it left! So to kill my perfume blues, I went out in search of a knock-your-socks of scent that would sustain me throughout the day.

I have loved Opium by Yves Saint Laurent since the days when I used to sit in my mother’s closet trying on her clothes and jewellery. All her clothes carried that scent and to me it spoke of a confident, sexy woman. Therefore, I went to my local perfume store in search of it.

I was disappointed to find that they don’t carry it but when I took a whiff of Black Opium, I knew I had found my new scent. It’s not as bold as the original Opium and is way more floral than what I am used to but it is still a strong scent that holds its own. Being more playful than its predecessor, I can comfortably wear it about town during the day and don’t have to exclusively save it for a night out.

Best of all, it lasts all day long meaning I can go about my business feeling like I am wrapped in a cloud of sexiness. Wearing Black Opium is like strutting my stuff in Louboutins as opposed to wearing sensible doll shoes. It might not always be the practical choice but who cares…I’m feeling myself.


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