You are cordially invited to a mock wedding…

We gathered on a warm Saturday afternoon to witness Victor and Janet exchange vows. The groomsmen, dressed in their long, white, kanzus, danced down the aisle and were soon joined by the gorgeously done-up bridesmaids who were carrying their flowers in traditional trays known as ‘uteos’. The nervous groom’s face lit up as the wedding march begin to play and the bride slowly made her way to his side.

The ceremony got underway and when the sermon began, you could see the guests start to get jittery. What was going on here? Was this an actual wedding ceremony? Were Victor and Janet tying the knot for real? You see, we had been made to believe that we were here for a mock wedding and everything before us wasn’t for the benefit of the bride and groom but solely for us. This whole event had been organized to take us on a make-believe journey of what our special day could be. I have to give it to the actors for they really committed to their roles.

Instead of choosing to participate in a wedding fair or sending prospective clients emails and brochures of the services on offer, Summer Rain Event Management decided to instead give us the VIP treatment. They went all out and put together an actual wedding ceremony, immersing us completely in the experience. We watched vows being exchanged, sat under a beautiful pergola as we enjoyed a sumptuous lunch and after all the vendors had introduced themselves, the cake was cut and we all got a taste.

It was not only a very pleasant way to pass the afternoon but I was impressed by this out-of-the box advertising campaign. Now if only the travel agents would follow suit…I am so ready for a mock vacation.


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